Sebastian Boehm

IT Consulting,
Development & Operations

Consulting and freelance work

I am a freelance IT consultant and developer specialising in operations-related topics. I typically help clients to ensure their systems’ architecture meets scalability and security requirements – most often in the role of architect or site reliability engineer.

While I focus primarily on consulting and development work, in recent years I have also been holding workshops and seminars for professionals in various fields.

My main interests currently are distributed systems development (mostly Ruby and Go), databases (usually PostgreSQL) and various deployment-related topics such as containers and orchestration (Docker, Nomad, Kubernetes, Ansible, Terraform, etc.). Also, I like to help clients sleep at night by devising dependable backup and disaster recovery strategies as well as sane provisioning and deployment schemes.

I typically use GNU/Linux professionally (I am a Debian and Ubuntu contributor), but I have a soft spot for BSD and OpenBSD in particular. I also enjoy working with functional programming languages such as Haskell and Clojure in my spare time.

Here’s the best part: I am available for hire. Drop me a line.